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Academic Achievements
Cumulative GPA 4.65
National Honor Society Member
National Spanish Honor Society Member
National English Honor Society Member
National Mu-Alpha-Theta Honor Society Member

Athletic Achievements
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy JV Soccer MVP (2019) 
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Varsity Soccer Captain (2021) South Beaches Basketball Association Hall of Fame (2018)


A B O U T  M E

Ty Schrumpf

Founder and President


I was born in Los Angeles California, and moved to Florida with my family at an early age.  I really love all that the Sunshine State has to offer, especially the weather which allows kids like myself to be active year round.  I have played organized sports since I was 4 years old and value all the friendship and memories competing has provided me.

What Does AASP Mean to You?

I created this organization out of my passion to help people that otherwise wouldn't get the opportunity to compete, make lifelong friendships and learn all the valuable life lessons that playing organized sports provides athletes. One of my dearest friends growing up, and subsequently many more along the way, struggled to continue competing in organized sports because of the financial burden it placed on his single mother.  While my family personally helped to support the athlete for years, ultimately he fell out of sports and has missed out on so many of the opportunities and memories I have been able to create.  My goal is to help kids in that same position stay in sports and grow as individuals as a result.   

Future Goals
My goal is to continue to play organized sports both in school and at the club level until I go to college.  If given the opportunity to play in college I would consider myself very fortunate for the future opportunities to travel, compete and make friendships abroad.  Irregardless of my future in sports, I am extremely focused on continuing to challenge myself throughout  school and putting myself in the best position to get accepted into a top University.

A B O U T  M E


Like my brother, I was also born in Los Angeles California, but consider Florida my home.  I have really enjoyed growing up in a state that has 10 months of Summer and allows me to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.  I have been involved in dance, cheer, basketball and soccer since I was 5 years old and have been a varsity athlete since the 8th grade. 

What Does AASP Mean to You?

I have played and competed alongside teammates and friends that had to drop out due to the financial hardships their single parents faced.  When we started the foundation I remember thinking to myself "If I can provide support for just 1 athlete and keep them involved in organized sports I would consider that a great victory."  I am proud to say that after 1 short year and hundreds of applications and scholarships awarded, we have done more than I could have ever imagined.   My daily goal is to help educated kids, parents, leagues and sponsors on the program we have available to them and the benefit it has on the athletes, families and communities we serve. 

Athletic Achievements
Holy Trinity Varsity Football Cheer Captain (2023)

Holy Trinity Varsity Basketball Cheer Captain (2023)

Space Coast United Soccer Club Captain (2020-2023)

All-American Cheerleader (2018-2023)

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Varsity Cheer (2018-2023)

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy JV Soccer Captain (2018-2019) 
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Varsity
 Soccer (2020-2023) 

Academic Achievements
Cumulative GPA 4.53

Holy Trinity Student Body President

Tiger Leadership Member

Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Ambassador

American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Delegate

Theory of Five Leadership and Community Service Award

Heisman Scholarship

Award of Merit from Florida Art Education Association

Cary Olsson Scholarship Award

AP Scholar with Distinction

Highest Honors

National Art Honor Society Treasurer

National Honor Society Member
National Spanish Honor Society Member

National English Honor Society Member

National Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society Member

National Junior Honor Society Member

IMG_1060 2.jpg

Thalia Schrumpf

Co-Founder & Director of Fundraising / Events

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